See Why Sending Flower Note Cards Still Matter

It does seem these days that in the world of electronic media and correspondence that the writing of note cards is on the way out.

Things have gotten faster, everyone wants what they want in a hurry. They want convenience and more and bigger is always better. This is the American lifestyle

Benefit from a Real Flower Artist

Artist: Tim Middleton interviewed by William E. Bryant

WB - What motivated you too start making flower note cards in these "high tech" days of e-mail and other social communications? and WHY flowers in particular?

Tim - Well, I started making note cards and greeting cards about 20 years ago, before there were social websites and before e-mail was so widely used. I have made many, many different types and styles of images for the front of note cards but I have found that flowers appeal to many more people – particularly women who are the main group that still write note cards.

WB - Were you always talented as a child in art (or) did your talent evolve by happenstance?

Tim - I think that, in school, I always had a unique vision regarding art. I didn't want to make mine like everyone else's but to try to do something with a twist. Most of my talent has improved by trial and error over the course of 20 years. I do credit the book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, with giving me some basic drawing techniques.

WB - how do you feel about people that compare your work to modernism, or impressionism? like Monet or Heri Matisse?

Tim - I don't consider myself a fine artist with great artistic aspirations. I just make note cards and small prints that I hope will brighten someone's day.

WB -  Do you feel it is simplistic or abstract flower art in anyway?

Tim - My flowers are definitely fairly simplistic, but I like it that way. Simplicity is usually a better way to go than to make images that are cluttered and without focus.

WB - do you feel social media sites and e-mailing leave us kind of cold as far as really connecting to others?

Tim - I can understand why these types of communication have come into being and are useful. But they are limited. I do believe they leave us with a distant feeling because people have used them to totally replace the traditional forms of communication.

WB - What are your top 5 reasons why it would be rewarding for people to start sending note cards again?

Tim - The 5 reasons I think of all have to do with the fact that note cards give one a greater sense of connection with the recipient.

● Sending a note card conveys a message to the recipient. It says that he/she is important and special enough that the sender took the time and money to choose a note card to send instead of an e-mail or face book message.

● A note card comes with an image on the front which conveys a message in and of itself.

● A note card can be held in the hand and felt. This gives an extra connection with the sender.

● A note card is usually handwritten which makes it more personal than an e-mail or even a typewritten note.

● A note card can be kept and may very likely be read and reread. It may be placed on the refrigerator or counter or table to be looked at for days. Some note cards even make it into special memory boxes to be looked at for years to come.

WB -  What do you say to people that say "oh that's old fashioned, why send a note card when i can just post something up on Facebook?"

Tim - Perhaps it is old fashioned. That's what makes it so special. Those who send note cards will be setting themselves apart from the crowd of other message-senders. Some things are faddish and go out of style. Some things are classic and never go out of style. I'd put note cards in the latter category.

WB -  I know you started with just the small flower art note cards, are there any plans to do some "suitable for framing" wall art in the future?

Tim - Yes! I currently have 8"X10" sizes suitable for framing. Although, I plan on continuing to keep my art small scale.

WB - For the quality and brilliance and originality of these note cards the price is very modest.  are you going to be able to keep pricing low and is there any kind of bulk pricing for retailers who would be interested?

Tim - I have priced my cards to be sold to customers directly without going through middle men and their markups. That way I can keep my prices low to my individual customers. If I were to sell to retailers then I would have to raise my prices to my direct customers in order not to undercut the retailers. I would rather not do that.

WB - Well. thanks Tim, i think that gives our audience a glimpse of the man (and artist) behind these beautiful, vivid, colorful flower note cards. Thanks very much (sign off)

**William E. Bryant is a fellow professional artist with accreditation from Emory University - Atlanta, Ga. (graphic and web design) and an appreciation for art and its history in all forms.