Will Hibiscus Flower Art Be My Next New Project?

What will be my new big project at Flower Note Cards Online? The next proposed candidate is the gorgeous Hibiscus. With hundreds of species, this flower grows virtually all over the world.

It is quite a large flower part of the mallow family. Hibiscus flowers are easy to spot because of the trumpet shape and prominent pistils and stamens characteristics sprouting from the middle.

Although hibiscus flowers are native to warm temperate - subtropical regions, we have many beautiful species right here in North Carolina.( As illustrated here) hibiscus flowers can be red and white. However, they may be pink, orange, purple, and yellow, as well, depending on their region.

You have a say! Vote in my North Carolina Wildflowers art note card project.

Hey! I need y your help. So many of you have enjoyed my little hand painted works of art. I want to hear from you and see if Hibiscus Flower Art note cards are what you might like to see in my new series of flower art.

Send me your vote and /or suggestions on this new project. The only rules would be that the subject be a regional North Carolina Wildflower (preferably to Raleigh-Durham area) and be a flower that is interesting and would transfer well to my style and the 5.5" X 4.25" note cards in particular.

So, check the World Wide Web or local library or any source for beautiful North Carolina Wildflowers and put your vote in. I will take all the votes and suggestions and make a decision on the most popular and artistic choice. Hey, my candidate may be your perfect choice.

Vote For Hibiscus Flower Art if you like that one - (OR) Vote My North Carolina Wildflowers and list what flowers are your personal nominees. You may also see more about the project and keep up with it on my FaceBook account or our blog.

Thank you!

Happy Hunting and voting!

Tim Middleton
Flower Note Card Artist
Owner/Operator - Flower Note Cards Online.com
Shining Star Works, Inc.
Raleigh, North Carolina


What They Say About Us

"The cards are unique, vivid flower art which I love. More importantly, the people that I send them to always comment on how lovely and original they are. It makes me happy to give others pleasure by sending these gorgeous works of art!"

-Betty P.

"The other day I received a lovely thank you note from someone.  The design was so pretty that I called out to my husband to see it.  The daffodils are worthy of framing!  Congratulations!"

- Marsha D.