The Value of Flower Note Cards

Commentary by Tim Middleton

Who wouldn't like to express themselves in a most unique way that is original? It goes without saying - someone will remember that event better if it were thoughtful and beautiful. The time and effort is much more remembered. You are remembered.

It does seem these days that in the world of electronic media and correspondence that the writing of note cards is on the way out. Things have gotten faster, everyone wants what they want in a hurry. They want convenience and more and bigger is always better. This is the American lifestyle.

However, consider the value of flower note cards. It is something a person can actually hold in their hands. Whereas an email message only gives a written message and only engages the mind in order to create some type of emotional response, a note card also engages the visual senses as well as the tactile senses. So with a note card one can see an image, feel the paper and texture and read in the other person's own unique handwriting what the person's message is. How much more engaging!

When a person chooses to write a note card to someone, it shows that that person took the time and care to choose just the right image, to pay a small amount of money for the card and stamp, to sit down and thoughtfully write out a message and then to put it in the mail to the recipient. A good bit more thought and care than an email or text message or even a phone call.

Of course, most note cards probably won't end up in scrapbooks or memory boxes, but they have a good likelihood of being kept around for awhile, perhaps being propped up on the table or posted on the refrigerator and very likely reread. And there will be those that end up being kept for a lifetime.

The writing of letters and note cards used to be the only way of corresponding with someone far away. Now that we have so many modern ways of corresponding, the note card can be used in a new way – to set one's message apart and relate to the recipient how very special they are. In these times when time seems scarce, someone made time to purchase, write and mail a note card. So though note card writing may be rarer these days, just like rare coins, they are even more valuable. See our all of our flower note cards online for something to consider the next time you send a message.

Tim Middleton
Artist / Owner
Flower Note Cards Online
Shining Starworks, Inc.