Writing Awesome Blank Note Cards
In Six Easy Steps

Remember these six little steps for great thank you notes

It's so much easier than you remember. People like being appreciated & actually notice the nice things you do for them. Every gift, act of kindness or hospitality deserves a thank you. So, write one today!
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Address the person. Examples: Dear Grandma or Dear Joe. Be sure to use the person's name as you would address them in person.

Thank the person. Be direct by starting your sentence with the words "Thank you" and then mention specifically the gift or service that you are thanking them for. Examples: 1. Thank you for the sweater that you gave me for my birthday. 2. Thank you for allowing me to stay overnight in your guest bedroom this past week.

Say something complimentary about the gift. Examples: 1. The sweater is so beautiful and I love its design. 2. It was very gracious of you to open up your home to me.

Express how the gift did or will benefit you. Examples: 1. It (the sweater) will go great with my dark blue dress pants. 2. It (staying overnight) allowed me to interview for that new job in your city that I really want.

Thank them again. A simple "Thank you again" will suffice.

Closing. Examples: "Love, Tina" or "Sincerely, Harold." Use a closing word or words that matches your relationship with this person.