I Create Flower Art Note Cards So You Will Be Remembered

It is appreciated when you have (obviously) taken the time and effort to send something extraordinary, colorful and original to convey your message. I create flower art note cards so you will be remembered. These are tiny works of water-color art that could be a keepsake. You cared enough to send something special and are remembered for that. See Our Collection Now

How it happens: When I begin to create flower art note cards, the first step I take is to go out with my camera on a morning when there is a good amount of filtered sunlight. I see a flower or group of flowers in my mind as if they were already in a picture frame. There needs to be not only an interesting flower or group of flowers – beautiful and bright – but a nice contrasting background which will nicely set off the flower(s). Sometimes this background is there in nature and sometimes I create the art in my drawing. The filtered sunlight creates different degrees of shadow that will add depth and interest to the final flower note card.

Creating Flower Art Note CardsWhen these conditions are right, I take a number of photographs from various angles, heights and distances. If I think I have some good shots, I take the camera to the computer to look at the images for possibilities. I choose one or two that are the best flower art note cards and I crop them in different ways until I find an image that is suitable for drawing. It will have balance, focus, contrast, depth and interest.

Vibrant floral note cards make a bold statement

Since I use watercolor markers to draw vibrant floral note cards, there is no blending. Everything must be divided into one color or another. So I draw on white paper the outlines of the colors I see using a black art ink pen. In doing this, I create my own "color by number" floral work of art. I may draw on this paper my final drawing. Or I may use a light box with my line drawing underneath to create my final drawing. Then I make my choices about which vibrant colors to use and where to use them. I also decide when to use the black art pen to better define specific areas of the drawing and when to leave it out.

When the drawing is finished, I scan it into the computer. I do any resizing, cropping and setting up that must be done for the print shop. I talk to a professional printer about choices of papers and envelopes. I choose paper that has a substantial heft to it, a pleasant feel that is appropriate for flowers and note cards which still allows the vibrant floral images to be bright, bold and beautiful. I purposefully choose envelopes that have a moderate weight. The printer prints them in large batches in order that I may purchase them at a lower cost and offer them to my customers at a modest price.