Top Ten Reasons
To Send Out Note Cards

1. Really brighten someone's day

2. Something is prompting you to send a card, even if you can't figure out what it is.

3. Everyone likes getting cards. It's fun, send me one today!

4. Show your gratitude

5. Connecting with a human touch makes you stand out.

6. Connect to someone special who was forgotten last time.

7. Thank clients and employers for their advice and business.

8. You never know what might happen after sending that little card.

9. Having a process to stay in contact with your clients is good for business

10. Who cares if it's cornball? People still like getting a card in the mail.

See Why Sending Flower Note Cards Still Matter

It does seem these days that in the world of electronic media and correspondence that the writing of note cards is on the way out.

Things have gotten faster, everyone wants what they want in a hurry. They want convenience and more and bigger is always better. This is the American lifestyle

Flower Note Cards Online Let You Make Powerful Connections

Could sending note cards help you become President?

Would you believe that thank you notes played a big part of George H. W. Bush's 1989 path to the White House? Well it's true. George Sr. and Barbara Bush mailed a thank you note to every single volunteer and host they met on the campaign trail. Many credit that with getting him to the White House. Liking him (or not) isn't the point here. This story illustrates the power of what a little flower note card can do!

What could it do for you? When you meet a prospect, the single best thing you can do is send a thank you note. People will be amazed. Whether it's business or personal connections, you will be remembered. Try it!
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Welcome to Flower Note Cards Online!

Here is the place to find bright, bold and beautiful floral note cards created by North Carolina artist, Tim Middleton. Tim uses a great amount of detail to create unique, cheerful and colorful images that are featured on his flower note cards.

These note cards cannot be found in stores but are available only through Flower Note Cards Online. You may choose a Gift Box consisting of a single flower image or our special Variety Box consisting of twelve different images.

You may even contact me and specify how many cards of each flower you would like in your twelve card Gift Box. Now, try that at your local retail store!

Greeting Card Messages

Each note card is a small work of art suitable for a note of appreciation or as a friendship card to just say hello to that special friend you haven't seen in a while.

Commercial greeting card messages can be very clever and humorous with their notes inside. But, personalized note cards afford you the chance to express your own thoughts in just the way you want to say them
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The bold colorfulness of these floral art note cards is a sure way to brighten someone's day. And they say that you care enough not to send what everyone else is sending. Formula greeting card messages are great if you're in a rush and definitely have their place for specific occasions. Sending a hand painted floral note card is original with a more personal touch.

A box of flower design note cards make a great gift for a birthday, Christmas, Seasons Greeting or just about any holiday or occasion. In fact, an ordinary day with no obvious significance is a wonderful day to give a box of flower note cards to say, "I'm thinking about you," "I'm glad you're my friend," or "You're the best mother or sister anyone could have." Whether you send a single card or an entire box of Notable Floral Cards, you are saying, "You're someone special."

Making a true connection with some one may seem awkward with pre-printed greeting card messages. Flower Note cards Online provide beautiful, expressive and original cover art which will enhance your handwritten meaningful message inside. That is the huge difference between the mass produced greeting card and these blank art note cards.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We wish to bring back the art of note writing with an extraordinary twist of hand painted flower art on the cover. We want your greeting messages to be more heart felt and carry more weight than the traditional greeting card. Writing from the heart to a person instead of just signing a card is much more remembered.
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At Flower Note Cards Online we pride ourselves on great customer service (please see our testimonials) and offer a variety of ways to mix and match your order . Go see our complete collection at:
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What They Say About Us

"The cards are unique, vivid flower art which I love. More importantly, the people that I send them to always comment on how lovely and original they are. It makes me happy to give others pleasure by sending these gorgeous works of art!"

-Betty P.

"The other day I received a lovely thank you note from someone.  The design was so pretty that I called out to my husband to see it.  The daffodils are worthy of framing!  Congratulations!"

- Marsha D.

"I love these flower cards! My favorite are the sunflowers. I use them myself and give them as birthday or hostess gifts."

- Cece M.